Find the purpose of your business

Have you wondered what is your purpose? Have you even wondered what is the intention behind your business?

Maybe you are a photographer, or a wedding planner and have wondered if what you are doing is worth your time. People talk a lot about your intention, your purpose etc. etc. It all sounds pretty but why is it important?

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How to define your brand

Like most people in a creative industry, I'm sure that at some point during your journey as a small business owner and creative entrepreneur you have wondered how can you brand yourself in a way that appeals to the right client. In this post I will help you gather those thoughts and help you visualize how you want your future brand to look in a way that represents your passion! Click to learn how to start!

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3 Essential tools to simplify your workflow

How you ever wondered how you can make your work day easier?

I've struggled with that same issue before. A lot of little notes all over my desk, countless lists detailing every little phase of a project, or just tons of emails to search though to check when was that appointment that you had scheduled with a potential client.