Choosing the right typography for your business


Have you ever gone to one of those fonts website only to find yourself overwhelmed with options? This is one of the things I hear the most from my clients. They did try to do it themselves (and they probably can!) but the number of options can be so overwhelming at first glance! 

One of the first steps I recommend is to at least educate yourself of what typography is and how you can incorporate it effectively into a design. Good typography is such a crucial part of any design that it shouldn't be an afterthought.

Font styles can convey different messages to your audience, so a thoughtfully chosen font should be an essential part of building a successful brand.

I'm going to give you a quick breakdown of two of the most popular fonts, a quick definition and what type of feeling or emotion they can convey to your audience. 




Serif Type


This type of font is a classic coming originated around the 15th century. You see this type of typography in newspapers and magazines. There are quite a few other styles of serifs, like Didone, Slab, and Transitional, just to name a few.  

A few of the emotions or characteristics they can convey range from, classic, trustworthy, elegant, clean, and luxurious. Of course it all depends on the style but in general, a Serif font does offer a classic feel that is timeless.


Sans Serif Type


A Sans Serif font used was used for commercial purposes back in the day, with Helvetica being one of the go-to fonts for companies. If you want to see more examples of Helvetica being used by businesses, you can go here and take a look!

Just like Serif fonts, Sans Serifs also have a variety of styles that range from Grotesque (yes, that's how it's called!) which is one of my favorites, Humanistic (another fave!) and Geometric. Of course each one have their own differences so no Sans Serif is made equal at all! 

Some of the emotions a Sans Serif type can convey are, dominant, unique, corporate, sophisticated, and bold. 


Script Type


Script are always fun to incorporate to brands but of course it all comes down to what message we are working towards and what the business needs. Not every script is the same. There are a few styles of script and each have a very distinct look. For example, there's the very popular Calligraphy Script, which has a natural handwritten look to it. You can also work with a classic look Formal Script that has a old classic style. Another option is the Casual Script which has a brush stroke look to it and does offer a bolder and casual look.






Here's a quick example of a combination of typography used for a previous client to create depth and make certain lines of text stand out.

In this particular example, I used a Script Calligraphy, Geometric Sans Serif , and of course a classic looking Didone Serif with a heavy weight to stand out a bit more than the rest of the text



Another client example and the way I incorporated different types of typography to create a unique style. 

Here you will find a Formal Script, followed by a Grotesque Sans Serif font, and a Transitional Serif font. The combination provides a classic, elegant, and timeless look that will last for a long time!

Ready to dive and look for the right font? There are a lot of great options out there and I'm sharing with you some resources that can help you find some good fonts to incorporate on your brand and website.

Google Fonts: Great source of free fonts and a lot of variety! 


MyFonts: These fonts aren't free but I believe that a good font is worth investing on it if you want to stand out from the rest. I personally have made big investments to make sure I use high quality typography for my clients!

Creative Market: Here you can find EVERYTHING. The amount of creative typography is amazing and trust me, you will spend a few hours going through all their options!


Your brand and online presence is essential in today's market. A cohesive brand can change your business and have a huge impact on the perception your audience have, make sure to invest and nurture your business!

Do you have any questions about this topic or anything else?