Creating a better website for yourself and your clients

Creating a better website

For your clients


Hey there gorgeous!

During these next few weeks we are going to be touching base with a few topics regarding what's the best way to lay out a successful website for both photographers and event planners. From your about page, to your offerings page, I will go a bit more in depth so that when you work with your designer, you can both come up with some killer ideas for these pages!

There's a lot that goes into it, but I want to make sure that after a few weeks of going over each topic, you will feel like you have a better understanding on what you can work on to make your new website or existing website shine!

I will touch a few key points that I feel can really make an impact on how you educate your client and how you showcase your mission while giving on what they can expect while working with you. 


There's a lot of competition, which is amazing that the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well, but you want to make sure that your voice is heard. Not only having a portfolio on your website but by connecting with your prospective clients in a deeper and emotional level.

  • For example your homepage, you want to make sure your main message is loud and clear.
  • An amazing about page to relate to your prospective client
  • A gorgeous experience page to connect with your client and educate them on your process from beginning to end.

I will love to really delve into each of those sections so that you can have a good understanding that when you work with a designer you need to make sure that these pages are set up in a way that will convey the right message to your prospective clients. 

For the next couple of weeks we're going to be driving into each section of a well thought website design, one that will leave your prospective client feeling like they have a connection and they want to talk to you! Because let's be hoonest, that's always the next step, you want them to send you a message, you want them to inquire about what you can do for them!

Stay tuned because during the next few weeks you will be able to really dive in and learn how to make these changes, and apply that emotional connection to your own business!