Get through the slow season and book more clients!

Is your photography or wedding planning business not getting that many inquiries? Maybe you do get a few but they all want a bargain? As you know, everyone says first impressions are everything and can either grow or break your business. This also applies to the online world, social media, websites, you name it!

When you go to purchase something from Amazon, you already feel pretty safe about making the purchase because you trust the online retailer. You see their ads and their branding everywhere. They have built trust with their audience through their online presence.

This not only applies to Amazon, but to ALL businesses that market themselves online. If you are a photographer or an even planner, then read on…

You need actionable goals:

Discover what makes your business unique from other photographers or wedding planners.

Do a little local research, see what other business owners are offering and what you feel is lacking.

Write down what makes you different from them. This will be your selling point, the message you will bring to your audience on every platform, be it online or offline.

Ask yourself what you can do to put yourself out there.

Don’t get stuck doing only one thing, like posting on Facebook your latest work. Expand your reach! Blog about your latest sessions, share it on every social media channel, pin your images, and have friends or family share your work from time to time.

Sitting and waiting won’t get you results. You need to get yourself out there!

Make sure your online presence looks and feels professional.

What I mean by it, is that your brand and website needs to be intentionally cohesive. When someone lands on your Instagram, there’s a cohesiveness between your work and your business brand.

Of course, this includes your website. Don’t believe that a simple website, with a few photographs and a simple contact form will do the trick. I wish I could say that it does, but technology is always evolving and as business owners we have to keep up with it.

Your audience WANTS to see your work, they want YOU to solve their problem. Maybe they want you to plan the wedding of their dreams or be the photographer for their newborn session.

Make it easy for them to feel safe, to trust you, and educate them as much as you can so that they can reach out to you full of excitement!


Your business, your message, your brand, and your website, they all work together to create a full client experience. This is something that I see a lot of people struggling with. They have the skills, but they are stuck in the never ending loop of not having enough clients or worst yet, getting clients that don't value their work.

This is what we need to change. You need to build trust using your brand, you need consistency through out your online presence.

Let's make sure that when someone lands on your website, they feel that trust, they understand why your skills and work is valuable, and them take the steps to reach out to book you!

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