How to prepare for a new website design

Are you thinking of creating a new website or working with a designer? There are ways to prepare yourself to make sure the process goes smoothly as possible!

If you have an existing website, I'm sure you want to get everything refreshed. This is a great time to update your copy and curate the new images you want to use. No matter your industry or your design style, copy is an essential part of your website since it's part of your voice and it's what we will use to educate your visitors.

What copy should you develop or edit?

There are a few pages that are essential to any new or existing website. For example, you should work on the following:


The home page: 

A mission statement or elevator pitch that tells the user right away what you do and how you can solve their problem. The homepage is the first place they will see so we want to make sure that your message is clear and to the point. Visually we also want to be clear on the type of services that you offer and not make the user confused about how they can navigate your site. 

your about page:

People want to see a face behind the business. Yes you are a legitimate business but they need a human connection and the about page is a great place to establish this. 

We don't need your resume, but your why behind your business. The story on how it all began and what your passion is. Some additional details or fun facts are always a great way to add a personal touch! 

 Services page:

This page sometimes can be an after though even for business owners! Your prospective clients want to know more than the starting price of your services. They want to know why they should hire you and how can your services enhance their lives. The services, pricing page, or experience page (whichever name you want to use) should be a page that educates the client about the importance of your services, why they should hire you, and why the investment is worth it. Show them your value! 

Portfolio or previous work:

Now that we are talking about value... What better way to show your website visitors your skill and value by truly showcasing your amazing work? If you are a wedding planner or photographer, then your prospective client wants to see your work and visualize themselves in a similar event or wedding photograph.  

They want to see beautiful but curated examples of your work. This is the page to mindfully showcase the best sessions and events. For additional events and examples of your work, you can use your blog to as a way to share events or sessions that you feel don't 100% align with your ideal client. 

If you are a coach or just in a different industry, study cases and testimonials are a great way to showcase your previous clients! 


As you can see, a website design is a process.

This is why it's ideal to book with your designer ahead of time, discuss what you need to work on and prepare everything before your start date. Besides making sure you give your designer all the necessary copy, make sure you curate a batch of photographs that you feel are your best work.  A new website is the best time to update everything, so this also includes adding beautiful photography.

One more tip:

Plan to get some head-shots as well! Hire a photographer for a branding/business session and get some fun photographs of yourself. For example, working on your desk, you behind the camera, or just a simple but professional photograph of you that looks updated and on brand!

 How do you feel about your website? Not sure? Then go ahead message me to see how we can work together!