Solving your own brand puzzle

A few years back I was trying to figure out my iwn brand, colors, typography, website design, business cards etc. I went through all the shades of pink you could think of. I had a huge Pinterest board with ideas and colors that I really loved.

The one thing that really started shaping my brand, was getting to know my true audience andthe clients I wanted to work with.

I'm sure you know that the possibilities are endless when it comes to colors or typography, and you probably have your own Pinterest board full of ideas. They might look coheisive, or they might not, but you are trying to come up with something memorable and that would speak to your own ideal client. Still, you feel stuck.

Trust me, I get it. I've been there and is a pretty stressful spot to be in, because you don't know how to move forward, to make it happen or to make your visual identity come to life.

A Brand is like a JIGSAW puzzle.

There a lot of bits and pieces that make up a brand design. Is not just about using that perfect shade of pink, even though color psychology is definitely an important part of it.

"Your “brand” is what your prospect thinks of when he or she hears your brand" name"

The main piece of the puzzle

To start creating a brand, you first need to know your client. You have to really get to know their business, their industry, and their clients. Is not just knowing that they are a photographer and they adore the color purple. No, it's a lot more than that.

When I work with my clients, besides sending them a client guide with their homework and project details, I also send my in-depth questionnaire.  After my clients submit all they answer, they usually tell me that "it was a tough questionnaire" or "it was hard to come up with those answers" and that is exactly what I want to hear.

I want to make sure you really think about your business and your clients because for me to build a successful brand, I really need to know what you are passionate about, your why, and your ideal client. Yes, we talk about colors, typography and all the pretty things but knowing your client, your industry, and even your competition, will help us build a visual identity that will help you stand out.

After that first step is completed (and I also do a version of this questionnaire for my web design only clients) then we move on to the fun stuff. Our video call or phone call session to go over EVERY little detail. I go over the questions again with you, just because I want to hear the story from you. I want to talk about what you love about your business and talk about the goals that you have for your new brand.

Figuring out your brand

Getting to know you, and your ideal client is the biggest piece of the puzzle. Designing with a purpose and a goal, without it, you are just creating a logo with no real intention behind it. The next time you work with a designer and you get all those questions regarding your business and your clients, don't worry, take your time and answer them with as many details as possible because the final product and success of the project depends on it.

If you are working on your new brand or even thinking about a rebrand then don't forget to research your goals and your audience. Make sure that you create a visual identity with a real purpose behind it, this will allow you to connect at a deeper level with your prospective clients.