Three reasons to rebrand your business

As many of you know, I've rebranded before. Particularly because I found my niche and discovered the type of client I wanted to work with. It is not unheard of and you shouldn't feel bad about wanting to rebrand your business. Changing you visual identity can be a natural step when a one, two or three years have gone by and you feel your current style of work doesn't fit your business brand. 

Have you considered it? Are you unsure? Here are three reasons why a rebrand might work for you:

Your work style has changed

By this I mean, either if you are an event planner or photographer, your style and skills have evolved. This can be because you've taken educational workshops, or you've just changed from shooting digital to film. Either way, you can see that your final product looks vastly different from what you were producing a year or two ago. 

This shouldn't be a cause for concern, on the contrary, is something to be celebrating because it means you are improving your skills and you are finally finding your own unique style that makes you stand out.

Your business is growing 

Isn't that exciting? When you finally see the fruits of your hard work! Maybe you've been booking so many weddings that you feel is time to grow and attract a higher end client. Maybe you feel that you aren't charging enough but can't seem to attract that particular bride and you feel it's time to move forward and grow your business in a different direction. 

Those growing pains are completely normal! We all go through them. A business is never static, it never stays the same and we must move and evolve with it.

Your brand looks like everyone else

You heard that right! You see someone else with the same logo. It happens, I've seen it. Things get trendy, styles, typography, colors. You feel like it's time to look a bit different than everyone else in your area and really showcase how amazing and unique your brand is.

If you are in that spot, then it's time to consider working with a professional that can create a unique visual identity for you. 


Again, everyone goes through these changes. I've been there and countless of other business owners go through it as well. You might feel like you don't know were to start but trust me, when you start working with a designer, the process will help you have a better visualization of what needs to happen and what steps to take.

It's all about discovering your business goals and creating a plan to achieve those goals visually with an intentional brand design!