Four reasons why I use Squarespace

When I started my business almost four years ago, I went ahead and created a Wordpress website. It was easy and affordable. Squarespace was around but I wanted to use something I had already been using for a couple of years. 

During that time I was also creating new websites for clients with the Squarespace platform and started realizing how easy the platform was to keep updated, but more on that later!

After two years, I decided to make the transition from Wordpress to Squarespace and I'm still loving it! 

Most of my clients mention the need to use something that will be easy to use on their end and that they can update on their own so when I do suggest Squarespace for those particular reasons. It all comes down to your needs and business goals.

Here are a few of my own reasons:

1. Beautiful mobile responsive design

Their mobile responsive site works seamlessly with whatever design you are using for your site. This feature is not optional nowadays, your new website needs to be responsive, and Squarespace makes this feature a staple of their platform which I loved.

2. Easy updating

That's right, updating your content is just easy. When I have with my clients the educational training session, they always comment about how easy it is, and it's true. That's the beauty of this particular platform. Keeping your site updated will be a breeze!

3. You can customize it

Yes, they have a lot of cool looking templates to choose from but you can customize it to look unique and make it your own depending on your brand and business. Some fun coding will allow us to customize your website, and you don't have to dabble with code, later on, the final website design will still be as user-friendly as usual!

4. Their built-in features

Squarespace has quite a few built-in features that can be used on either pages or blog posts. I find these really useful especially if you are a photographer or wedding planner since you can create beautiful galleries within a blog post and showcase the latest wedding or session you worked on.

Another great one is their addition of Accuity which allows your visitors to schedule an appointment with you! A great way to schedule consultations with future brides!



If you are in the process of considering a website overhaul, then talk to your designer about what your end goals are with this website. Besides bringing you new clients, think about how easy you want the back-end to be and if you want to be able to make updates yourself or not.

Questions you should ask yourself before choosing a website platform:

  • Do you want to be able to keep your website updated in an easy and fast way? 
  • Do you want to pay someone to keep it update it for you?
  • Is this an e-commerce site or are you selling services?
  • Is this website just to showcase your work and build your portfolio?

Your website designer should be able to guide you in the right direction based on your needs and end goals for your own project. Besides solving a problem, you also want to make sure the experience and final solution will be a pleasant one that will enhance your business and your own workflow.

Have questions about which website platform is best for you? Send me a message and let's talk more about you and your business!