Find the purpose of your business

Have you wondered what is your purpose? Have you even wondered what is the intention behind your business?

Maybe you are a photographer, or a wedding planner and have wondered if what you are doing is worth your time. People talk a lot about your intention, your purpose etc. etc. It all sounds pretty but why is it important?

When growing your business, is always a good start to have a clear understanding of what your intention is. Is not only about defining your client or pinning down the style you want for your brand. Yes, you want your font to look a certain way, or you want to use pink as your main accent color, but it all comes down to one simple question: What is your purpose? 

Ask yourself the following:

  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What does your client feel like when they work for you?
  • What are you providing them with?

Besides a pretty picture, or a pretty wedding. You are providing your clients with an experience. An experience that will make memories! They will have photographs that will last them a lifetime. A lifetime of a beautiful season in their lives. Be it a maternity shoot, a newborn, a wedding. It all has meaning to them.

That right there, is your purpose.

You know what my purpose is? When I started my business three years ago, it was to provide graphic design to women that were starting their business. Moms, photographers, wedding planners that needed help. 

Of course I was having fun while doing it because I love graphic design but that was my intention from the beginning and it has been extremely rewarding. 

You don't need to be clear about your intention right away. Maybe you start as a photographer and you decide to move to start consultation business for photographers that are starting out!

We start a business and we grow, as professionals and on our own personal life. We learn what makes us tick and what makes us truly happy. It can either be by photographing weddings, or doing webinars on how to get the perfect photograph. Either way you will get there.

Finding your purpose is what will mold your business. No rush to have a clear mission right this minute. Make it your assignment during a weekend, sit down, get a cup of coffee or wine and write down what your purpose is or what you want it to be and work towards it!