How to optimize your website to attract local clients


As a brand stylist and web designer, most of my clients come from all over the United States and even other countries. For example, I've served clients from the UK, Sri Lanka, and Australia. That's the beauty of the internet, we get to reach people we would've never dreamed of.

Now, as many of you know, I do work with most photographers and event planners, and even though some of my clients are willing to travel to other countries, most of them to focus on serving their local/surrounding areas.

This is why there are several factors to take into consideration when optimizing a website and business. Here is one important thing you can start working on right away to reach those local clients:

On page optimization

Making sure your website pages and content is optimized with the necessary keywords. 

Which keywords do you ask? For example:

  • Use important keywords in your website titles related to your business name and service.
  • Make sure to add descriptions for each page with additional information about the business, location, and any other details of the services you provide. 
  • When blogging or adding content, don't forget to talk about the areas you serve. Do not stuff the bottom of your website with a lot of locations. This won't be helpful and will look spammy. Here's an example of what keyword stuffing looks like:
Example of keyword stuffing in the footer area of a website


  • Make sure to sprinkle useful information within your content, this includes blog posts. Add locations, links, images (make sure to optimize these!), and any other useful information for the reader. If the content is useful and with resources, you will be enhancing your reach and organic traffic. Here's a great example from Emily Broadbent's website:
Example on how to use blog titles for local SEO

It's never to late to implement a new strategy! Don't forget to make sure to blog and add content that use the necessary keywords related to your industry, services, and location! 

Need more help with your website or not even sure how to begin? Then let's get in touch!