Brand and Website Launch | Alyssa Bunton Photography

Earlier this week Alyssa and I virtually celebrated her new brand and website launch! It's cheesy I know, but it was so good to see her new brand and her new custom website live that I was beyond myself with this launch! 


This brand is delicate, full of light just like Alyssa's beautiful photography. As soon as I saw her work I had a clear vision of the direction we would take for her brand, but her questionnaire just made that vision even clearer! I know we were on the right path when we had our discovery session so as soon as the design phase began, I started crafting a soft and airy brand for her to share with her audience. 


Educate! This is my favorite word when it comes to a new website, because your own website it's also an educational tool that serves both your business and your audience. When I worked with Alyssa one of our goals was to have a way to educate her clients about herself and about her offerings. This can be done by creating an Experience page or Investment page to enhance your offerings and really let your clients learn more about what to expect when working with you. 


An educated client will have a higher chance of booking you if you take the intentional time to craft the necessary content for them to learn more about you, your offerings, your process and the overall experience.

There's nothing better that seeing everything come together so question yourself about how your new website will make a big impact when paired up with your new presence!  It's not just putting it out there, it's also working it, a mix of brand, social media, website, and engaging with your audience!  Want to see in action?  Go ahead, and take a look!

Do you want to learn more about the design process and how we can work together? Send me a message and let's talk!