My favorite project management application

After a recent Instagram story, I received quite a few replies asking which application I was using to manage client communication and project management.

I know that developing a system and setting up your workflows can be an evolving process. Not one system can work with everyone but it can definitely give you the tools to find what works for you!

For a few months now I've been working with both Honeybook and Asana. For me Honeybook has been the best tool to provide my clients for additional information regarding my services, pricing, contracts, and questionnaires. If you haven't tried it yet, I really recommend you do! 

Now for Asana, this particular application it's the one I use to keep track of the progress on my projects and for client communication. Within Asana I provide my clients a Client Homework section in which they will receive a list of tasks to complete before a project begins. They can also comment and message me within those tasks and that way we can keep all our communication organized.

The other benefit is sharing files. Since most of my clients are in the wedding and photography industry, one of the things I require from them is copy and the images we will be using for their projects. These can be head-shots, or other photographs that I'll be using for their new website. All these files can be uploaded within Asana, which helps keep everything in one place and avoid the back and forth of countless emails. 

I have every step of the project lay out within Asana, this means they will be able to follow through the progress and keep track of what stage we are working on. Creative briefs, logos, mood boards, website, everything is in there! Again, it's an awesome way to have a visual explanation of the progress and what we have left to complete the project. 

If you do have any other questions about my design process, leave a comment below or send me a message. If you are looking to revamp both your brand and website, set up a free consultation! I would love to chat more with you!