The importance of the discovery phase when creating a new brand

A lot of people probably wonder what exactly is a discovery session or also known as the discovery phase.

This particular process is one that a lot of designers go through when creating a new brand for their clients. Our end goal it's to understand what are the motives and goals behind someone's business and who their target audience is.


It is very easy to just have a conversation and talk about what they want their logo to look like, their favorite color and call it a day! 



The process takes a new life when you actually dive in a little bit deeper and also gather particular answers to questions regarding the story of how their business began, what their goals are, what drives their passion, who is their ideal client and what type of services the provide.

Those are the questions that will really give you a good understanding on who is your target audience, and the prospective clients we are trying to attract by designing a cohesive brand and website.



When you're designing a brand and a website you need to really understand who we are trying to work with. It's not only bringing that clients vision to life, it's also about doing your research during the design process. During research I always have to take into consideration to demographics, the gender, the budget that most of the target audience are working with, and all those small details helps us get that visual idea on the route we will be taking with the brand.

Here's when I create a brief of the brand, also provide a mood board and also work on a color palette that takes into consideration both your business and your prospective client. 

Again, there's a lot of details that go into it and these are things that you need to actually be clear about before we start the design process. The design process is not only just creating a few logo concepts and going from there, it's also doing that Discovery phase where you will be able to educate yourself and really think deep about what is that the client needs and what their business actually needs so that you can create a brand that will make those things happen for them.



For example, you want to reach a higher-end bride or you are trying to up your rates for your event planning services. Maybe you are working on providing in-person sales withing your photography business. You get the idea!

So if you are in the process of hiring a designer, I hope this clarifies what you can expect with this process. If we will be working together, you can be sure that we will actually have a design Discovery phase in which I will strongly suggest that you take some time to sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and actually really dive deep into your questionnaire! You will find questions regarding your business, what drives you, and who is your ideal client, your values and your style (plus a LOT more).



Don't worry, part of my job is to guide you through this process and help you along the way. I will let you know if we are on the right track or if we need to make some adjustments here and there so that we can actually make sure that we're targeting the right client for you and visually we can make an impact on that prospective client!


Have more questions about the discovery phase? Just send me a message!