Why a resource page could help you and your clients

Last year I dabbled in creating a private portal for my clients to have in the all the necessary content from our project. Now with the changes in technology and new apps that keep coming up, there are always new ways to create these portals and private pages to enhance your clients' experience.

Still, there is a no-cost way you can ensure that your current clients are as educated as possible about your work process. I don't mean a regular FAQs. A frequently asked questions page is a great way to educate your visitors about certain things they might be curious about, like how much do you charge for retainers, or what is your turnaround time for sessions

An actual Resource page is a page dedicated to your actual clients which have just booked out might have additional questions about your workflow. 

One way is to send a PDF or welcome packet with all the details but you could combine (or not send a PDF at all!) with a well-designed resource page that answers all the questions related to the services you are providing. 

Which questions or content should you have in them? Well, the best way to think about what to add is by figuring out which questions you get asked over and over by your clients. Maybe go through your email to see what your recent clients have asked you about, make a list and separate them by topics. 

Another great thing about the Resource page is the opportunity to connect with your new client on a deeper level! How? Well, one example is by adding a short but fun intro video to welcome that client or maybe add some interesting facts about you so that your client gets to know you a little better and feels welcomed.

If you are setting new goals then I suggest adding this one to the list. It will simplify the way you welcome your new clients and provide valuable information at the same time!