5 Fun Cards for Valentine's Day

If the first real holiday of 2016 is sneaking up on you, here’s a few fun cards for Valentine’s Day that make perfect gifts for your favorite people.

A beautifully designed and printed card is always appreciated by your creative tribe. I love gifting beautifully hand lettered or originally design cards to my clients, while I save the snarky and funny ones for my girlfriends or spouse. Instead of stressing over an extravagant gift, sending some old fashioned snail mail brings a smile to both the sender and recipient without breaking the bank. Most importantly, sending a cool card can support small creative business. Score. 

These cards are created by creative entrepreneurs like Emily McDonald (known for her awesome empathy cards) and spunky Liz Maute Cooke of Lionheart Prints. Whether you need a Valentine’s Day card, a birthday card or something “just because,” these shops have you covered. If you want to up the ante on your snail mail, include big confetti in your envelopes for fun surprise. If digital is more your thing, here are 7 apps that make sending snail mail way easy.

1.     You’re The Worst / 2. I Know We’re Not, Like, Together / 3. I Wanna Make Your Hotline Bling / 4. Thanks For Nothin’ But Love / 5. You Are So Freaking Awesome

Magnolia Creative Valentine's Day Cards