7 Florists to Follow on Instagram

Spring is just around the corner, but you don’t have to wait for endless warm days to see fresh blooms. Lucky for us, you can get a daily dose of floral art online. Here are seven florists to follow on Instagram, because every one could use more flowers in their feed.

These for-real florists are sharing inspiring color palettes, gorgeous textures and beautiful arrangements to inspire designers, planners, and brides. We love scrolling through bouquets of peonies, snaps of brides in whimsy floral crowns, or dinner parties made prettier with blossoming centerpieces. Fresh flowers aren’t just for weddings. They can make the difference in any event, from baby showers to birthday parties. And nothing can turn around a bad day like a bouquet of your favorite buds.

Magnolia Creative Studio has seen first-hand how florals transform events into experiences. Wedding planners, photographers, and boutiques have used blooms to entertain, inspire, and excite their clients. When nature and design come together, it's pure magic.  

Instagram is the best place to find florists and floral inspiration. Artists from around the world are sharing unique perspectives, like cascading, moody blooms from the UK or colorful cuts from sunny California. There’s something for every aesthetic.

These feeds will have you believing in flower power and re-gramming winter blues away. 

1. Bows And Arrows / @bowsandarrowsflowers


Bows And Arrows has a soft, romantic vibe that's perfect for the eternal bride. 

2. Victory Blooms / @victoryblooms


These structured arrangements almost look like still life paintings instead of for real floral creations. 

3. Sarah Winward / @sarah_winward


"Destination wedding florist" sounds like a dream job. Follow this feed all around the world, and peek in on some of the dreamiest weddings ever. 

4. Kristen Caissie / @mooncaynon


Inspired by nature? So are these arrangements. The tropical vibes can transport you to the beach, stat. 

5. Putnam & Putnam / @putnamflowers


This feed has plenty of edgy creations for the modern bride. 

6. Jardine Botanic / @jardinebotanic


Bright, joyful blooms fill this feed. 

7. Studio Choo / @studiochoo


If you need encouragement to fill your three-year-old's party with fresh flowers, here it is! How adorable is this? Just shows you that flowers are for everyone, anytime.